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T. Etxepe, S.A.




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Etxepe enterprise

Etxepe is a machining workshop set up on December 2nd in 1973. At that time, four lathe and milling machine operators employed by Danobat decided to invest their savings in an ancillary workshop aimed at sub-contracted machining jobs for Danobat itself and other similar companies.

An old stable of a local farm was rented, three second-hand machines were bought, and Etxepe was a reality. Over the years, the company grew and in 1987, we moved to new premises in the industrial estate Ibaitarte of Elgoibar. Etxepe continued its expansion buying new machinery and taking on more people.

The last few years, Etxepe has geared towards machining large-sized parts after investing in bridge-type planing machines, boring machines and gantry milling machines. This specialisation has become a key factor for further development, setting the company well apart from companies with similar beginnings.

At present, Etxepe has two adjacent industrial workshops in the Ibaitarte industrial estate, a solid machine park for bulky parts and a staff of 27, with only one of the original founders still active (partially retired).

T. Etxepe, S.A. Ibaitarte Industrialdea 2, Postakutxa 153, 20870 ELGOIBAR (GIPUZKOA) - Phone: 943 74 06 64 - 943 74 12 97 - Fax: 943 74 43 21